This is the official internet presence of Mtendere Main Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Central Zambia Conference territory, Lusaka, Zambia.

A warm welcome to all of you brothers and sisters in this body of Christ Jesus. May grace and peace be with you all. Mtendere Main SDA Church in the heart of Lusaka wish to extend their warm, welcoming and embracing hands to who ever wishes to visit with us and be part of our worship service. We are committed to providing you with a Bible based Christian experience, as we prepare for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Use this site to know more about us and our church services etc. Please feel free to nevigate and experience fellowship through media.


Meet the Church Leadership

The District Pastor

Name: Pr. Aswel Kalela

Email address: kalelaaswell@yahoo.com 

Cell Number:(+26) 260977-465620


The Church Officers


Name: P Simukumbwa

Position: Administrative Elder

Email address: 

Cell Number: (+26) 0977 827252 

Name: Ashley Moono Sijabala

Position: Assistant Church Clerk

Email address:

Cell Number: (+26) 0977-975560


Name: Bizeck Phiri

Position: Elder 

Email address:busybeephiri@gmail.com  

Cell Number: (+26) 0977-497713


Name: Usual Hamukali

Position: Elder

Email address:  

Cell Number: (+26) 0977 759 172                                    


Name: N Hakalima

Position: Elder

Email address: 

Cell Number: (+26) 0979-315198




Name: Brightone Mulingula

Position: Elder

Email address: 

Cell Number: (+26) 0966-735779



Name: E Malilwe

Position: Elder

Email address: 

Cell Number: (+26)                                            


Name: Muunga

Position: Elder

Email address: 

Cell Number: (+26)



Website Administrators

Name: Kapalamula Isaac

Email address: kapalamulaisaac@yahoo.com

Cell Number: (+26) 0979 160 510

Name: Joe Phiri

Email address: phirijoe26@yahoo.com

Cell Number: (+26) 0979-419665

Sabbath Time

Place: Mtendere Main SDA Church, Lusaka, Zambia

Start: 17:43, 24/05/2024

End: 17:43, 25/05/2024

Mtendere Main SDA Church


Open Clinic, Health Department

Mtendere Main SDA Church conducted an  Open Clinic on 18th March, 2012. What are your comments and suggestions on the program that was conducted?  More