Mtendere Main SDA Church's historical background dates as far back as 1970 when it was started as a Branch under Libala SDA Church congregation at Waddington center, with a membership of 21, who then later congregated at the Late Br. Sakala’s Mtendere C Section House. Since then Mtendere SDA Branch congregated at the above mentioned house before moving to the current plot where the church stands in 1971. It became a Company (Mtendere SDA Company) in 1972 and was organized into a church (Mtendere SDA Church) in 1975, and in consequence was officially constituted and recognised as a fully fledged congregation of the Central Zambia Conference of SDA churches.

During the early 1970’s church members, living in the vicinity of Mtendere Township, examined the possibility of establishing a congregation in Mtendere. Unfortunately not enough support for such a move could be mustered at that time. However, the seed of desire to one day have such a congregation had been sown. By mid 1970 this desire by members to have their own church building had grown to the point where they could start looking for a site on which to build. In 1971 the church was offered a plot (Number CH. 4043, B Section Mtendere) through the Ministry of Local Government, by the Lusaka City Council on which it intended to build a church. In the same year it was decided that they commence with services on Sabbath and thus a temporal structure formerly known as the Chapel was erected, made out of reed mats, at the newly acquired church plot.

In 1973 the foundation for the first structure was laid with the help of Brother A. P. Jara (late). The church members were prepared to make the commitment needed, and fortuitously, this nucleus of members could, with their combined talents, provide the required leadership and skills needed to make the completion of the structure viable, as a result the structure was completed the following year, (1974). Other notable names in this process include Brother Buyungwe and Brother Sibanda (late), who donated two steel legged benches that were most cherished by the Church. It may come as surprise to most of you to learn that, some twenty-two years ago, on 3rd February 1990 the superintendent was Sr. Charity Kakwasha and Sabbath school attendance was 218.

In 1996, foundations were laid by church members with the help of Elder Nalishuwa of Chelstone SDA Church, to build a new structure, after attempts to extend the old building proved futile. The building of the new structure was commenced under the direction of Elder Hadebe (late) of Chilenje Main SDA Church. The church members still congregated in the old structure which was later swallowed up by the current mammoth church building. In 1997 the church received a donation of Five Million Kwacha (ZMK 5, 000, 000.00), from the then Republican President of Zambia Mr. F T. J. Chiluba (late), which saw the church structure built up to roof level.

The above achievements could not have been done had it not been for God’s workings through his children both from within and from without. Mtendere Main SDA Church was dedicated on the occasion of the church Dedication Service conducted in the New Church Building at No. 4043, B Section Mtendere, on Sunday 9th July 2006. The church building structure at its dedication was valued at not less than Seventy Eight Million, Zambian Kwacha, (ZMK 78, 000, 000 = 00).

Since its inception, the church has grown and excelled from a membership of 21 as a branch, increasing steadily to a membership of 299 by December 1986. Church record statistics showed a steady increase in church membership through the years. By 31st December 1998 the church membership was 494; 582 on 31st December 1999; 606 on 31st December 2000 (approximately); 833 on 30th June 2001 and increasing to a soaring membership of 966 by July 9th 2006 still on the rise to 1154 members as at 31st December 2011.  

Being an evangelistic church, Mtendere Main SDA Church, is popularly known as the “Mother Church”. One of Mtendere main’s notable children are Chainama SDA Church, Chitukuko SDA Church, Kabulonga SDA Church, Kalingalinga SDA Church, Mtendere South SDA Church and the University SDA Church. The above Sister Churches are now fully grown, some with companies under them, and they equally share the same vision of excellence in church planting, making it a dynamic movement by preparing souls for translation, a mark distinguishing her from being an ordinary church.

Soon after the completion of the church building, in 2007, the church started building the first set of five classrooms and two school offices and since then a few years later, a school hall, and then in 2011, the latest set of one more classroom and the building of the new ablution block which remained as no exception.

Over the years, there had been a steady growth in the number of children attending our Church, and this necessitated the establishment of the Children’s Sabbath School Divisions catering for all age groups; and the Children’s Chapel whose worship services are conducted in the school hall every Sabbath.

Also late in 2008 Mtendere Main SDA Church started its very own and first Nursery School (Mount Carmel School) with plans to extend it to a full scale Primary School in the near future. God has been good to us, and despite the various problems and challenges, we look forward with confidence to the future, knowing in whom we believe, and remembering with gratitude how that God has led and blessed us in the past.

We thank, and give praise to our God for the steady growth in folk attending our church, since our humble beginnings almost 42 years ago. Our thanks extends to everyone who has ever had a part in any service, or Sabbath School, or in any way helped or contributed in service or kind to the successful functioning of God’s Church here at No 4043 B Section, Mtendere. To Him be the Glory.


Since the founding of our congregation in 1970 we have had a number of elders serving us. Below is the list of leaders who were in charge of administration for your perusal.

 Potrait Photo  Name and Initials



   Elder Malunga R. F (Late) 


 Branch Leader

   Elder Ngulube (Late)



   Elder Gondwe F. M


 Company Leader

   Elder Ngulube K (Late)



   Elder Shonga G. M. E

 1975 - 1976

 Administrative  Elder

   Elder Hapeya R

 1977 - 1978


   Elder Katongo



   Elder Shonga G. M. E

 1980 – 1982


   Elder Muchenje



   Elder Shonga G. M. E

 1984 – 1985


   Elder Muchenje



   Elder Shonga G. M. E



   Elder Mwenya M



   Elder Nkandu J



 Elder Dube A. K  1990  
 Elder Hakalima N. H  1991  
   Elder Musonda E  1992  
   Elder Nyati M  1993  
 Elder Malumbe H  1994  
   Elder Hakalima N. H  1995  
   Elder Dube A. K  1996  
   Elder Hakalima N. H  1997  
   Elder Phiri H  1998  
   Elder Malupande M  1999 – 2000  
 Elder Katupa M  2001  
   Elder Hakalima N. H  2002 – 2003  
 Elder Mulenga C (Late)  2004  
 Elder Mazabuka B  2005  
 Elder Nalishuwa K  2006 – 2008  
 Elder Malupande M  2009 – 2010  
 Elder Nyambe K. G  2011 – Current  



Since the founding of our congregation in 1970 we have had a number of pastors and elders serving the church as district leaders of Lusaka East Mission District (LEMD) from time of inception as a branch to date.

Potrait Photo  Name and Initials  Year
   Pastor Mainza (Late)  
   Pastor Chileya  
   Pastor Nyambosi  
   Pastor Koko  
   Pastor Supuni  
   Pastor Ndatoya  
   Pastor Halwindi B. C  1987
   Pastor Mugwagwa Alex  1988
   Pastor Lubasi J Silishebo  1989
   Pastor Malunga C  
 Pastor Ekeleti Peter Chabala  1990
   Pastor Malipilo Duwell  1991
   Pastor Mwale Henry  
   Pastor Mulambo P  
   Pastor Hamankuli  1995
   Pastor Mwenya M  
 Pastor Mufaya Nawa  
   Elder Walubita A  
   Pastor Sichilima W  
 Pastor Chimbo Elvis  2000 – 2001
   Pastor Moyo D. B  
   Elder Sona K (Late)  
   Elder Walubita A  
 Pastor Phiri Moffat A. C  2002 - 2004
 Pastor Chisala J. K  2004 - 2008
 Pastor Hamusokwe H  2008 - 2010
 Pastor Shangala Faxon  2012 - Current

To all these dedicated men and their wives we are indebted for their guidance and faithful service to our congregation, and to them we say a sincere ‘Thank you’.

Our thanks extends to everyone who has ever had a part in any service, or Sabbath School, or in any way helped or contributed in service or kind to the successful functioning of God’s Church here at No 4043 B Section, Mtendere. To Him be the Glory.

‘I love the place where you live, O Lord, the place where your glory dwells.’ - Psalm 26: 8

Compiled by Musaka Mulanga Chikobola, BAgricSc (Economics) - UNZA, Copyright © 2012.

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