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'Enhancing wholistic stewardship to all members'

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The Stewardship Department was organized to help members become effective stewards and to assist in the implementation of God’s plan of systematic benevolence throughout the church. Since stewardship responsibility includes the proper management of the entire life, stewardship concepts encourage the proper care and use of the body temple, time, abilities, and material possessions. The department gives assistance in the planning and organization of church resources for a completed work. Its spiritual and financial objectives are summarized in the following statement: “When they shall arouse and lay their prayers, their wealth, and all their energies and resources at the feet of Jesus, the cause of truth will triumph.”—Testimonies, vol. 4, p. 475.

Our goal is to teach and preach God’s principles and encourage members to be good stewards of our time, talents and treasures.

Mission :

The foundation of Christian stewardship is our relationship with God, our Creator, and involves every facet of life: time (I Peter 1:17); talent (Matthew 25:14-29); temperance (I Corinthians 3:16, 17); and treasure (Luke 19.23). God gives each of us a significant role and a great responsibility in caring for this world and building His Kingdom - not our own. God entrusts each of us with time, talent, treasure and His temple. Our objective is to maximize the investment of all those gifts that have been placed in our hands. We must use every opportunity during the limited time allotted to us to live for God's glory and His purposes and share the blessings He bestows on us.

For more information visit the General Conference Stewardship Department.

1. Departmental details

Name: Annie Chinkuli

Position: Stewardship Secretary



Name: Winestone Lukata

Position: Assist Stewardship Secretary

Cell: (+26) 0977-799316


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2. Our Time Management

Date Event Location Resource Person
 04/02/2012 Stewardship Emphasis   Mtendere Main  TBA
 18/02/2012 Stewardship Emphasis  Mtendere Main  TBA
 05/05/2012 Stewardship Day/Finance Review    Mtendere Main  Stewardship/PM
 02/06/2012 Entrepreneurship Bible Study   Mtendere Main  Department
 08/12/2012 Stewardship Day   Mtendere Main  Department

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3. Our Success stories

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